Why SRO?

So Sro?

Don’t just Watch, Wear Your allegiance.  As the landscape of college athletics and fandom has changed we have embraced that and have come up with the most innovative way to be part of the movement.  Standing Room Only is the first Manufacturer to have exclusive contracts with the most powerful College Collectives at each University and as part of the contractual agreements a large percentage of every purchase of your school’s merch goes back to the collective.   Plain and Simple, everything you buy is directly helping your school’s student athletes through the collective.

All products are designed and printed in our state of the art factory and warehouse in New York and all orders ship within 2 business days of purchase.  Don’t just watch, Wear your Allegiance!

Free shipping and returns

"The game was this Friday, so I needed some new gear to represent the right way  and fast, the process was quick and smooth. My gear was delivered in no time, now I’m ready to watch us dominate."

"SRO is a game-changer for me! Not only is it high quality , comfortable, and looks great, but it also helps support my team, can’t beat that !”

"With some of these other brands, the designs are so boring and even worse, the quality is terrible. With standing room only, I get both, for a fraction of the price , plus profits help my favorite team. Win Win Win"

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